Avalon Mall Shopping Spree!

I spent the day yesterday begging and begging Brandon to go to the mall with me, with all of my cries going unheard. Finally, at suppertime, Kayla (my roommate/bffl!) finally said that she would go with me! 😀 I was super pumped, because Tuesday is my slack day, so I get lots of time to just relax and do whatever, and I usually go to the mall on either tuesday or thursday, because it’s a lot less packed, and the sales are a lot less picked-over.

So after supper, we got ready and headed to the metrobus stop, where it actually came on time for once!

To be honest, I wasn’t really in a CLOTHING shopping mood moreso than an accessory/makeup shopping mood, however I got some GREAT STUFF. 🙂


I don’t regularly shop at bootlegger, but whenever I do, I get KILLER deals.
So last night, I tried on a pair of pants in  a smaller than regular size, AND they fit, AND they were super comfy.

AND. they were ten bucks! score.
they’re a straight leg distressed jean. They’re just kind of your everyday thing, but I was super excited about them.


I really felt like jeans that were THAT good of a deal really deserved new tank tops to go with them, because they’re a really great summer jean.

I got four in grey, pink, lime green and teal for ten dollars each! 🙂


I was looking at their eyeshadow pallettes, but I decided against it, considering I’m getting an 88 pallette coming in the mail sooooooon from starsmakeuphaven.

So, I settled on just getting a new Key necklace since I broke mine when Iwas home for break last week.
(to be fair, it was pretty poor quality, so I couldn’t expect much more.)


I think this is the one I’m the most excited about.
I had to go there to buy a new foundation (I use Maybelline’s dream liquid mousse. Thankfully, we don’t have mac here, or I would be buying that place up.  anyways. I accidentally bought a shade WAY too dark for my skintone, so I had to buy a new one, and decided to save the unused one for summer!  I used it today and it turned out good, so I’m happy about that.
anyways. on to the new object of my affection.
this is the absolute best nailpolish for 4 dollars you will EVER EVER EVER use.
It went on really well in just ONE coat it was completely opaque. I put a topcoat on it just to keep it from chipping, but it’s shiny anyways, so you definately don’t NEED one. I just like mine to be extra long-lasting.

It’s fermaldehyde free, also. It says so on the back in several different languages. 🙂
The shade I bought it in is called ruby ruby, and it looks like this:

Don’t mind the stuff on the cuticles, I did it on my bus ride home. (which took one hour. I could have easily walked it in 20 minutes. lord.)

ANYWAYS. It’s absolutely the best thing ever in my opinion at this point in time.It was only FOUR DOLLARS!!  I couldn’t believe it. I LOVE this product. everybody go buy it, it comes in SO many colors, and sparkles, and of course nude. It’s wonderful.  I have no idea why anybody would pay like, 12 dollars a bottle for OPI when they could get this at the drugstore for one third of the price. A-MA-ZING.

Other random facts of today:

  • Some of the girls in my math class are so rude to my professor. Come on, he’s cute and little and old and asian.Why do you try to annoy him!?
  • Because of their rudeness I have my assignment for next week finished.
  • Cupcake of the day is Koala Bear Cupcakes
  • I still haven’t unpacked my bag from last week.

tomorrow is thursday! one of the best days of the week, next to friday!

sleep well!



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