Through the Years – Birth to Preschool

I feel like my whole day has been devoted to doing work. I’m applying for this really awesome job that I’m not necessarily fully qualified for, but they said that they would accept other applicants, so I’m trying my hardest to play up all the facts OTHER than the one they want. I’m really hoping to get it, because not only is it a REALLY  cool job, but it’s also going to mean that I won’t have to waitress! which is amazing.

Because I was so stressed out today, I just wanted to blog SO BAD, but I couldn’t because I had so much work to do. Finally, at about 12:30, I caved in and said that I would finish the rest of my work before it was due tomorrow and decided to take some leisure time! So I decided to do another tag that’s really popular on youtube, and that is a throughout the years vlog/blog!

If anybody doesn’t know how this works, you devote a blog every now and again to a year in your life – from birth up to the year you’re at now. Which for me is excellent, because I’m done highschool!

So anyways, for obvious reasons, I don’t really remember much about birth through preschool. I have a couple random memories that I really don’t remember all that well. One of my first memories is from when I was really, REALLY young, probably less than two years old. I remember we were at my friend’s house on the Burin Peninsula and my dad was making pancakes for my family and our friends. And for some reason, he was arguing with my friend’s mom a LOT about whether he was going to put blueberries in the pancakes or not. Do not ask me WHY I remember this as my first memory, but I remember everything about the situation.

For some reason, my parents used to let me go play in the back yard and pretty much do whatever I wanted. I remember when I met my first friend that I made all by myself – Meagan. She said her name was “Meme” because she couldn’t pronounce her own name! So cute. I also remember that I used to walk down through the woods to go to my friend Carolyn’s house. I don’t know WHY I was allowed to do this, because I was less than five years old and I was walking down through the woods, but for some reason my parents let me. Probably because it wasn’t a very big woods and also because there wasn’t anything that dangerous in it other than the occasional broken bottle, but I was a smart kid and I knew not to touch it!

Something that I don’t remember is that when I was learning to talk, my dad would make me talk in complete sentences. Also, when I was around two years old, my brother was born, and that’s something that I remember. That’s another one of my earliest memories! I remember when we were at the hospital to see my brother, my friend from Marystown was there again and my nan took us to the gift shop to get something to eat and I chose a green popsicle. Apparently, I wanted a little sister SOO bad, and when my parents brought my brother home from the hospital, I was devastated, and asked where “Becky” was. (This is what I had planned on calling my new sister.) So yeah. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t that I didn’t love my brother, I guess I just thought I would get a sister too? I don’t know. Anyways, I was so sad that my parents bought me a cowboy doll and I called her Becky. Now that I think about it, Kristen and Rebecca don’t sound as nice as Kristen and Joshua, so I’m glad I had a brother instead.

(Just kidding. I love my brother!)
When I was around three or four I was obsessed with this Newfoundland artist, Terry Riley. He was a children’s singer and he always sang about teddy bears and he would host teddy bear picnics where you would bring a teddy and donate it to the children’s hospital. Well, this one night, my aunt Cathy brought me to one of his teddy bear picnics…. on the wrong night!!! I think this was the one and only time that I ever threw a temper tantrum, but I was not a happy camper that night. To make it up to me, she bought me a dixie cup from Irving (for anyone who doesn’t know, a dixie cup is one of those 250ml cups of ice cream you get in convenience stores that come with a little stick for eating the ice cream off of.) So anyways, she got me the dixie cup, and when we got home, I realized that she forgot the stick. That was when the mayhem started. I REFUSED to even touch the ice cream unless I had that stick, I would not eat it. In the end, my dad said that if I didn’t eat the ice cream with a spoon, he was going to eat it. So I ate it.

This was also when my pop made me a red wagon. If you knew anything about my pop, you would know that he was always really dedicated to his family and his grandchildren (there were only two of us, but he loved us!) – he always made us snow forts and took us to the playground and this one time he decided he was going to make me a red wagon. I don’t remember if I was so excited about the wagon or he was excited about the wagon, but long story short, I was wearing a white dress, and I wanted to get into the wagon. My Pop, who would do ANYTHING for me told me that I could get in the wagon, so he put me into the wagon – that had wet red paint on it. Pandemonium went down in the winter household. It was not a good scene, my Nan was ROTTED at my Pop for that one. Oh well. I think this was the same time that it was his birthday, and I didn’t have any means of buying him anything, so I found a random piece of styrofoam in my house and coloured it with my stamp markers. I’m pretty sure my nan found it in his closet a couple years after he died, he kept it for so long.

Anyhow, this post has gotten REALLY LONG. I meant to put it in my last post, but if anyone else has a blog, I’d love to read it. Also, you should post your random memories!



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