Golden Eyes and Job Interviews!

Hey guys!
So exams start next week, and since I was home for a while this week, I decided it would be a good time to get myself out there and find a job for summer! I had already applied for a job that I hadn’t heard from yet, so I decided to cut my losses (I really wanted that job!) and start searching for a waitress job somewhere. I handed out resumes at Pizza Delight, Irving,
Baccalo, and Don Cherries.

The actual handing-out of resumes didn’t seem OVERLY promising, although I did have this one guy interview me on the spot, and he said that he would give me a call back on April 20th, which is when I told him that I was finished my exams. He was super nice, too! However, I returned home with not too much hope of a call from anywhere, as I though I had already found where I was going to work.

Not even an hour later, I had a call back from the head manager at Don Cherries asking for an interview! I was PUMPED, if I had a choice, THAT was where I wanted to work. He asked me to come back for an interview the next day at 3:00.

So anyways, the interview went well, I’m pretty sure. He said that he would call me back in 7-10 days to let me know about the job! Not only that, but I got a call yesterday morning about the office job that I originally applied for! I have an interview at 10:00 Friday morning, so wish me luck! 🙂 AND if all of that doesn’t work out, the guy from Baccalo is calling me on the 20th ,AND I guess if NONE of it works out, then I’ll just resort to working at sobeys for a couple months and go back to CARA for the summer. Although I’d really love to work at CARA for the summer. I LOVED working there last summer. However, I’m a student and loans need to be paid.

ANYHOW, the inspiration for this blog comes from my interview yesterday! It was a gorgeous, sunny day and I wanted to look both professional, yet friendly at the same time. I decided that it would be best to go for a golden-neutral color. Although I love to use fun, bright colors and bold liners, I also like to look presentable and I like to impress when it comes to job interviews, and I just didn’t see this as a time to wear green or blue or purple or any of those fun colors. I loved how this look came out in the end, so I really wanted to share it with you guys!

I used the top three shadows for the main colors of this look. The lightest one is whatI used for my lid color, I used the middle color for the outer corner of my lid and the darkest color for the crease

I then added this bronze-y color to the outer half of my crease, just to add alittle more color.

I used this white color with a pink undertone for the highlight color.

Inspired by the bright, sunshiney day outside, I decided to put just a little of this bright yellow over my lid color! 🙂

since I wanted it to look sophistocated and not bold, I used a anabelle khol liner for my waterline and my upper lash line. This is Coffee.

I finished it off with cover girl last blast length. I like to use NON water proof mascara just because it comes off easier at night. Also, don’t forget to use an eye base to keep your look on all day! I like Mavala’s eye base, but I’ve also heard that foundation works fine? Not sure, I’ve never tried it.
The following are the final product!

Tell me what you guys think! also, if you have any ideas/suggestions/requests, i’d be totally open to that!



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