BEDA – May edition!

So I didn’t even hear about BEDA (blog every day in april) until probably the 6th of april, and by that time, I had papers due, I had to do finals, I had to move out of residence… the whole deal!
So I’ve decided to do BEDM! May is my birth month, I turn nineteen years old in five short days! This leads me to loads of new opportunities such as cigarettes, lotto tickets, beer, credit cards.. pretty much anything that makes you go into debt, they just spring it all on you at once. 🙂 (just kidding about all those things, ps. although I’m totally buying a lotto ticket, just because I’d LOVE TO HAVE MY OWN CAR and see lady gaga in Montreal. 🙂 )

Today was pretty uneventful. I was in bed most of the day with the most killer toothache EVER, no idea what was causing it, but for some strange reason it went away after I got a bath…

Brandon started his job today, so I didn’t get to see him, but he’s coming over tomorrow!

I had donnini’s with my brother and Shane for supper, which is always AWESOME.  I love donnini’s! 🙂 Then Joshua went to Stacey’s, and I was home alone with the after effects of a toothache, so I took a nap, watched the lovely bones, and talked to Brandon on the phone about how his first day at work was!

So yeah.. that’s my day in a nutshell. Kind of boring, but I guess I’ll be seeing you all every day for the next month! 🙂




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