I’m obviously good at commitments.

so BEDM went well, hey?  Yeah.. I’m going to have all of the normal Internet excuses about being away. I’ve been busy, whatever.
Here are some of the things that happened since my last blong on May Fifth!

  • MY BIRTHDAY! I turned 19 on May 6th, which was really fun! On the day of my birthday, I got my dad to drop off the car to me at around 10:00 ish, and then Brandon came over, since he had to work that night! He brought me Cupcakes, each with their own design. (I’ll put a picture up later, I took one on my mom’s camera.) We went out for lunch at Pizza Delight, and it was wonderful. I bought two Pac Man scratch tickets, and got Id’d for them! I didn’t win anything, though. That night, I went to Don Cherry’s with my family for supper, and got to have my electric popsicle and birthday Crepe, which was AWESOME. 🙂 I picked brandon up after he got off work, and we went to my house for presents (my parents gave me a dress that I picked out, as well as a Crock Pot for cooking next year! Brandon gave me the Hills Season on DVD, as well as my cupcakes, and a balloon!)And a cupcake cake from Sobeys. However, we all agreed that it wasn’t as good as the cupcakes that I make, and it certainly wasn’t as good as the cupcakes that Brandon made me. 🙂 The next day, I went out for dinner with a few of my friends, which was fun. I went out with Kayla to some bars afterwards! 🙂
  • I got a job! Since I turned 19, that meant that they were allowed to hire me at Bacalao at the Inn! Definitely one of the highlights on my birthday!! I’ve really enjoyed working there so far – everybody is super friendly and fun to work with. It also doesn’t hurt that the food is awesome! 🙂 (Oh yeah… tips are good too. haha!)
  • I made a lot of cupcakes. With all of my daytimes free at home, I made lots of treats. Cupcakes. Muffins. Cookies… yeah, all that good stuff. 🙂
  • I haven’t found a house yet! Yeah…. I still haven’t found a house. But Alexa and I have been looking like crazy to try to find one, however nothing has worked out as of yet… so if you know somewhere that we can live, let me know. That’d be AWESOME.
  • I got ANOTHER job at Ability Employment! I really like it so far, it’s a really rewarding experience. I love planning things and interacting with people, so it’s a perfect job for me! The people I work with are great, as well as the people who come to the centre – they always say something to put a smile on my face, even when I’m having a terrible day!
  • I almost Resigned from my restaurant job. It was getting too much for me to handle working 5 days a week, 8:30am until 9 or 10pm. However, Jonathan asked if I’d rather work one day a week – any day I wanted! That sounded great to me, and I really didn’t want to QUIT the job, so I told him that I’d love to do that! I was really happy about that.

Anyways, life is great for me right now! I’m going to TRY to write more blogs. I’m not going to guarantee that I will.. but I’ll try. 🙂





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