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Through the Years – Kindergarten

Today was my first of three days babysitting, which inspired me to do another “Through the Years” blog. Whenever I get around children, I get reminiscent.

So Kindergarten.. This is where things start to get sort of mish-mashy in my mind, because to be honest, I don’t really remember much about CERTAIN years of my life, I just remember events, and not really how old I was.

I do remember, however, that this was the year that my Uncle Danny got married, and I got to be the flower girl. I was really excited about this since my friend Meagan got to be a flower girl in her Aunt Cindy’s wedding, and I saw her pretty dress, and the video of the wedding, and being the control freak that I’ve always been, I was naturally jealous that she got to be a princess for a day and I didn’t. This is also the time that I discovered elevators, which you can read about in my post, Elevators.

One really random memory of kindergarten was about this girl who ended up failing a grade and was  a year behind me for most of school, but she was in the afternoon class of the same kindergarten class as me. My class of about 30 students was broken up into a morning session and an afternoon session – half the kids would come for the morning, then the other half would come for the afternoon, and then switch each month. Well, when I wasn’t around, there was this girl who used to sit in my seat, because she was in the opposite class. She wasn’t very nice and one day when both sessions were together for a session, she took my chair, and I had nowhere to sit!! It was for health day, and each kid had to bring in a healthy fruit or vegetable. I was cucumber, which I thought was hilarious, because my dad hates cucumber. I don’t know why I found this funny, I just did.

Something else that happened in kindergarten : KINDERGARTEN GRADUATION! obviously. 🙂 I didn’t have a huge part other than a little reading part that went “boats, planes, trucks, a rocket ship, a bus and a submarine!” The theme of our graduation was transportation. It was cute, but my dad had to miss it because of the chicken pox!

Which leads me to something else that happened in kindergarten – the chicken pox. I don’t really remember much about actually HAVING the chicken pox other than I woke up in the morning thinking I had a bunch of pimples all over my body, and immediately started picking them off! I showed my mom and she told me to stop scratching at them, and that I would have to stay home. she made me take an aveeno bath, which I wasn’t pleased about to begin with, but while I was in the bath, I missed Sailor Moon, which was my favorite show at the time. I even had a MASSIVE purple sailor moon bookbag. Appearantly that was the year of purple and sailor moon. My pop winter came to look after me when I had the chicken pox, claiming that he had already had them before (when he never!) so that he could come look after me, and he told me a joke that went like “do you want to buy a chicken? here! take my chicken pox!” or something like that. I thought it was hilarious at the time! I ended up passing the chicken pox on to my dad, my brother, and my pop! I felt really bad about it.

I also had a “boyfriend” in kindergarten named Zachary. I don’t remember how it came to be, but I’m pretty sure it went something like him telling me I was his girlfriend, so automatically we were “boyfriend and girlfriend”. We even went on a “date” to the mall with his mom and his sister selling girl guide cookies, and we made a fort with the empty boxes. His mom told me she was going to trade him for me, because his sister had lots of barbies I could play with. I thought that would be fun, haha! But alas, our “relationship” automatically ended with the last day of school. Like all great relationships do, of course!

I think grade one is going to be a much more interesting post! 🙂




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