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I don’t like it!

There are lots of products that I buy and love. (Like the gosh cosmetics primer!) This one is just not one of them. In the style of AllThatGlitters21, I present a series called “I don’t like it!”

The title is pretty self-explanitory, but basically, it’s about a product that I tried and didn’t necessarily like for whatever reason. This one is about from the Physicians Formula: Bamboo Wear line Bambuki!

What really made me realize how much I don’t like this brush is when I was cleaning my brushes tonight! I clean my brushes with baby shampoo, and I LOVE the smell of it, but I noticed that when I was cleaning my bambuki, something smelled like wet dog.  And there is no dog in my little apartment! I couldn’t understand where it was coming from, but it finally hit me that it was the brush!! I couldn’t believe it. It’s probably because it’s made out of 100% natural hair, but my MAC 217 is made of goat hair, and that has never, EVER smelled like dog! Maybe this means that they made the bambuki out of dog hair? Who knows.  Other than the whole smelling like dog ordeal, it’s incredibly difficult to clean. It feels like every time that I clean it, the bristles get more matted.

The brush itself isn’t overly soft. I had heard from numerous online blogs that kabukis were supposed to be incredibly soft, but had never seen one before, so I never really had anything the bambuki to. At first, I thought it was awesome! It picked up a lot of product, and it looks super cute. HOWEVER, my opinions on this changed dramatically when I went to the mall last weekend and was introduced to the Too Faced kabuki! Oh my gosh. It was just sitting on the shelf not in any packaging, and I’m pretty sure it belonged to the makeup counter, like it wasn’t on the shelf anywhere, but it was THE softest brush I have ever felt in my whole. Life.

From then on, my bambuki has been pretty much dead to me. It’s scratchy, and it just isn’t that good, I wouldn’t waste my 13 dollars on it. In the meantime, I bought an ecotools “bronzer brush” which seems to work in the same fashion as a kabuki. I’ve been using it instead of my bambuki for using setting powder… It’s soft, but it has a really huge handle, which is weird to me. ANYWAYS. I think the next high-end brush I invest in will have to be the too faced kabuki. I wish I had like, asked the makeup counter lady about it. Maybe she would have let me keep it. Or maybe not, haha!




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March favorites

SO , it’s time for March favorites!
I’m pretty sure my favorite posts will definitely be a lot smaller in april due to my birthday being in may, and me running out of money from my shopping addiction. Thankfully, I started moving some of my stuff HOME from St. John’s, so I won’t have the constant temptation of going to the mall just for something to do!

I honestly believe that when people leave home, they change. For example, some people drink more, some people eat more, some people socialize more, some people socialize less… for me, it turned into shopping. At first, I shopped because I didn’t drink, and I used the excuse that since I don’t spend my money drinking every single weekend like many college students, I should be allowed to spend my money shopping!

Which honestly, I don’t regret. While there ARE some products that I do regret buying, I’m glad that it’s not a bunch of nights doing things that I regret, yaknow? SO  basically, now when people ask me why I don’t go to parties, or why I’m not drinking, I reply “Well, I’m just not a partier, and besides, I shop.”  I’ve come to realize that shopping is JUST as bad a habit as drinking, HOWEVER, at least I don’t spend the next day feeling like crap the day after because I bought a new pair of shoes.

BUT I DIGRESS.  On to my march favorites! This is another youtube tag that a lot of people do. It’s usually about their favorite beauty products for the month, but sometimes it’s about other things, too. For this month, I have pretty much ALL beauty products, because the beauty community is basically what inspired me to START my blog in the first place. However, as the months go on, I’m sure to gain an interest in something else and switch to that, but for now, it’s beauty products.

(NOTE: I originally took these pictures when I stayed at my grandparent’s house for a week when I was really homesick. I know, I’m a baby, but I missed my home.)

My first favorite for the month (even though technically I didn’t use it until the first of april, but I bought it in march!) is my new bedhead shampoo! I got it on sale for 12.99 at Winners, which I’m told is a good price for such a HUGE bottle. I love the scent, and I love how the pump screws back on for if you need to travel or something like that. The only thing is that if I use the conditioner with it, it does not allow me to go any more than 24 hours without washing my hair again (which is okay with me, because I wash it EVERY day. Shoot me, I know it’s bad for my hair but I can’t not wash it. I need to be clean.) BUT. other than that I really like it. 🙂  it makes my hair dry really straight when I blow dry it.

This is my favorite foundation of all time.  I don’t think there’s much more I need to say. I use it in Light 2, I LOVE it, and I usually apply it with a sponge wedge.

I’ve actually had this blush for a REALLY long time and just haven’t had the chance to appreciate it. It’s Annabelle’s duo in Coral Reef. UNFORTUNATELY, I dropped it on the floor of my room in res last week and now I’ve hit pan on it, so I’m definately going to have to find a new one. Anabelle is my absolute favorite brand for blush/eye products.They have these really great pencil liners that come in virtually every color possible. I want them all.

You have no idea how much I’ve been LOVING THESE EYESHADOWS. Everybody who loves makeup needs to go buy one, RIGHT NOW. There’s so many colors! I ask kayla for advice each time I use it! It arrived in perfect condition, other than about two of the pans themselves being dislodged, but that was nothing that a little nail glue didn’t fix! Yeah, these are great. They’re very pigmented, and I just can’t get enough of them! I use them with the Mavala eye base that I got at lawton’s. The lady at the store told me it was way better than the smashbox primer, so I took her advice and bought it, and I love it!

I’ve been loving Pashminas from Ardene’s, as well! They’re very very bright and colorful, and really dress up pretty much any outfit that really needs an accessory! I have three in Black, Teal and Yellow! The only thing about these is that you HAVE to wash them by hand before you wear them, otherwise you’re going to smell like campfire. There’s THAT much dye in them. I washed them, though, and now they smell like spring, which is what they’re perfect for! 🙂

MINI EGGS.  I don’t think much more has to be said about this one. Who DOESN’T like mini eggs?

Anyways, It’s getting late and I should be heading to bed! I got inspired to write a DIFFERENT blog earlier, so expect that in the next couple days!



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