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I don’t like it!

There are lots of products that I buy and love. (Like the gosh cosmetics primer!) This one is just not one of them. In the style of AllThatGlitters21, I present a series called “I don’t like it!”

The title is pretty self-explanitory, but basically, it’s about a product that I tried and didn’t necessarily like for whatever reason. This one is about from the Physicians Formula: Bamboo Wear line Bambuki!

What really made me realize how much I don’t like this brush is when I was cleaning my brushes tonight! I clean my brushes with baby shampoo, and I LOVE the smell of it, but I noticed that when I was cleaning my bambuki, something smelled like wet dog.  And there is no dog in my little apartment! I couldn’t understand where it was coming from, but it finally hit me that it was the brush!! I couldn’t believe it. It’s probably because it’s made out of 100% natural hair, but my MAC 217 is made of goat hair, and that has never, EVER smelled like dog! Maybe this means that they made the bambuki out of dog hair? Who knows.  Other than the whole smelling like dog ordeal, it’s incredibly difficult to clean. It feels like every time that I clean it, the bristles get more matted.

The brush itself isn’t overly soft. I had heard from numerous online blogs that kabukis were supposed to be incredibly soft, but had never seen one before, so I never really had anything the bambuki to. At first, I thought it was awesome! It picked up a lot of product, and it looks super cute. HOWEVER, my opinions on this changed dramatically when I went to the mall last weekend and was introduced to the Too Faced kabuki! Oh my gosh. It was just sitting on the shelf not in any packaging, and I’m pretty sure it belonged to the makeup counter, like it wasn’t on the shelf anywhere, but it was THE softest brush I have ever felt in my whole. Life.

From then on, my bambuki has been pretty much dead to me. It’s scratchy, and it just isn’t that good, I wouldn’t waste my 13 dollars on it. In the meantime, I bought an ecotools “bronzer brush” which seems to work in the same fashion as a kabuki. I’ve been using it instead of my bambuki for using setting powder… It’s soft, but it has a really huge handle, which is weird to me. ANYWAYS. I think the next high-end brush I invest in will have to be the too faced kabuki. I wish I had like, asked the makeup counter lady about it. Maybe she would have let me keep it. Or maybe not, haha!




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Gosh Cosmetics Velvet Touch Primer

The best part about today was the fact that I got up at 9:00 AM to a snowstorm outside. At first, I was really, really angry because Alexa and I are in the same class, and I knew she was going to make me go to class. When we were ready, we left around 10:10 to walk to class. Let me just tell you; it was a LOT snowier than we expected outside!!After walking most of the way to school, complaining about how soaked we were getting, complaining about how cold it was, complaining that our hair was getting wet, relizing that we were going to be late for class (which the professor HATES), Alexa finally turned to me and said “Is my eye makeup running down my face?”  “Umm, yeah. Is mine?”  “Yes… Let’s go home.”

Definitely one of my favorite moments of the week. The fact that our makeup was getting ruined was enough to make us turn around and go home! Also, on top of ALREADY being late for class, we would have to go to the washroom, wash our faces off, get to class… it was just a mess. So we headed home,put on some trackpants and made waffles for breakfast! Yummy!

A few minutes ago, I was shopping around for makeup online looking for items to add to my wish list (I have a physical wish list done up with price comparisons and everything!), when I had to itch my nose. When I did, I realized that even after walking for ten minutes with snow on my face, sitting around being lazy all day watching TV, resting my face on my hands, my foundation was miraculously STILL on my face! That’s when I realized that I really needed to put it out there to the world just how great this new product that I have is!

At the begining of November, I had to go to Shoppers Drug Mart to get some acne medication for a really bad breakout. I had to wait 20 minutes, so I decided to shop around. I found this great Primer, Gosh Cosmetics Velvet Touch! I have to say that it’s probably one of my favorite products that I own.  It’s very lightweight and I wear it over my moisturizer and under my foundation. It really does deliver a “velvety” touch to it, my skin feels very soft and smooth! It definitely helps to keep your makeup on ALL DAY LONG, even through a snowstorm and a lazy day! It was one of the more expensive products I’ve purchased, I’m pretty sure I got it for around 23 dollars at Shopper’s Drug Mart, but I’ve heard that it’s comparable to Smashbox Photo finish, which I’ve heard is a really great primer. I don’t really have anything to compare it to, but I do know that it has great staying power, and feels great on your skin!

Anyways, I just wanted to share that. It’s time to cook myself some supper and clean my room, I’m heading home for the weekend! I can’t wait to see my puppy tomorrow!


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Avalon Mall Shopping Spree!

I spent the day yesterday begging and begging Brandon to go to the mall with me, with all of my cries going unheard. Finally, at suppertime, Kayla (my roommate/bffl!) finally said that she would go with me! 😀 I was super pumped, because Tuesday is my slack day, so I get lots of time to just relax and do whatever, and I usually go to the mall on either tuesday or thursday, because it’s a lot less packed, and the sales are a lot less picked-over.

So after supper, we got ready and headed to the metrobus stop, where it actually came on time for once!

To be honest, I wasn’t really in a CLOTHING shopping mood moreso than an accessory/makeup shopping mood, however I got some GREAT STUFF. 🙂


I don’t regularly shop at bootlegger, but whenever I do, I get KILLER deals.
So last night, I tried on a pair of pants in  a smaller than regular size, AND they fit, AND they were super comfy.

AND. they were ten bucks! score.
they’re a straight leg distressed jean. They’re just kind of your everyday thing, but I was super excited about them.


I really felt like jeans that were THAT good of a deal really deserved new tank tops to go with them, because they’re a really great summer jean.

I got four in grey, pink, lime green and teal for ten dollars each! 🙂


I was looking at their eyeshadow pallettes, but I decided against it, considering I’m getting an 88 pallette coming in the mail sooooooon from starsmakeuphaven.

So, I settled on just getting a new Key necklace since I broke mine when Iwas home for break last week.
(to be fair, it was pretty poor quality, so I couldn’t expect much more.)


I think this is the one I’m the most excited about.
I had to go there to buy a new foundation (I use Maybelline’s dream liquid mousse. Thankfully, we don’t have mac here, or I would be buying that place up.  anyways. I accidentally bought a shade WAY too dark for my skintone, so I had to buy a new one, and decided to save the unused one for summer!  I used it today and it turned out good, so I’m happy about that.
anyways. on to the new object of my affection.
this is the absolute best nailpolish for 4 dollars you will EVER EVER EVER use.
It went on really well in just ONE coat it was completely opaque. I put a topcoat on it just to keep it from chipping, but it’s shiny anyways, so you definately don’t NEED one. I just like mine to be extra long-lasting.

It’s fermaldehyde free, also. It says so on the back in several different languages. 🙂
The shade I bought it in is called ruby ruby, and it looks like this:

Don’t mind the stuff on the cuticles, I did it on my bus ride home. (which took one hour. I could have easily walked it in 20 minutes. lord.)

ANYWAYS. It’s absolutely the best thing ever in my opinion at this point in time.It was only FOUR DOLLARS!!  I couldn’t believe it. I LOVE this product. everybody go buy it, it comes in SO many colors, and sparkles, and of course nude. It’s wonderful.  I have no idea why anybody would pay like, 12 dollars a bottle for OPI when they could get this at the drugstore for one third of the price. A-MA-ZING.

Other random facts of today:

  • Some of the girls in my math class are so rude to my professor. Come on, he’s cute and little and old and asian.Why do you try to annoy him!?
  • Because of their rudeness I have my assignment for next week finished.
  • Cupcake of the day is Koala Bear Cupcakes
  • I still haven’t unpacked my bag from last week.

tomorrow is thursday! one of the best days of the week, next to friday!

sleep well!


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