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Day two – This is real dedication right here.

As you may or may not remember from yesterday’s post, I have been fighting a losing battle with my second-to-last molar tooth on the top right side of my mouth. However, I somehow remembered that I’m supposed to be writing a blog for every day in may, so I got my brother to fetch my laptop for me, since I’ve decided not to move from the toothache bed my mom constructed for me. (Thanks mom! =) It’s right now that I’m RIDICULOUSLY thankful that I’m no longer in st. john’s, and my parents are here to take care of me. I have no idea what kind of state I would be in if this happened to me in residence.)

I’ve never EVER had a toothache before, and anybody who has ever had a bad toothache before knows that a toothache is almost (but not quite) comparable to kidney stones or giving birth. Quite honestly, this is the absolute worst pain that I have ever been in. I don’t even think it hurt this much when I fell and sprained my knee, or when I sprained my wrist after chasing my friend around at a dance in the seventh grade. I’m not even sure if it’s the actual PAIN that makes it worse rather than the panic I’m feeling knowing that I have NO IDEA when I’m going to be able to see a dentist, or when he’s going to get to fix it to make it stop hurting! I’m cursing the healthcare system right now that they don’t have a dentist on call at the ER… I realize that it’s probably a stretch for me to wish such a thing, because a toothache is certainly NOT  a life or death situation, but it really feels like it at the moment. I’m tempted to take some pliers and just haul it out like they did in the old days – but I know that THAT would probably not do me any good, not to mention how much pain I would be in if I pulled out my tooth. ha.

Thankfully, my parents know how bad it is to have a toothache, so my dad searched up a home remedy in order to try to ease my pain. He took an ice cube and rubbed it between my forefinger and thumb. I don’t know if it was the placebo effect, or if there was some kind of science behind it, but after about three minutes of ice on my skin, I was hardly concentrating on my throbbing tooth! It was like a brain freeze for my hand!

Anyways, I’m going to go and try to get some rest, but I wanted to keep my promise of blogging EVERY DAY. =) It’s a goal.

Fingers crossed that I get to see the dentist tomorrow!




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