“WHY did you write it as C2O? are you dyslexic?”

I spent the night studying and doing homework tonight. I think it was one of the first nights of my whole university career (thus far!) that I’ve actually sat down and set out a certain amount of work for myself to do that didn’t absolutely HAVE to be done for the next day. I’m trying to get my Science 1151 lab done before an  hour before my lab for once.

This reminded me of in grade 11 when I took first level chemistry. My chemistry teacher was awesome (although I hated the course itself) and he always said really profound, philosophical, funny things that my best friend and I would find amusing, and we would then write them on my pencil case to document our “Mr. Chemistry Quotes”. I even transferred the quotes over to my Zwipes binder when I had to get rid of my blue Spacemaker pencil case.

Some quotes from Mr. Chemistry:
“.. you’re moving during midterms? WOW, you’re REALLY going to be screwed up, aren’t you!”
“WHY did you write it as C2O? are you dyslexic?”
“LIFE sucks… sometimes.”
“Science must be reproducible!”
“We all know why Alice was in wonderland!”
“…you’re not planning on taking chemistry again, are you?”

Quite honestly, if it hadn’t been for my lack of interest or ability when it came to chemistry, I probably would have stayed in the course just for the funny comments.

There hasn’t really been any reason for my lack of writing lately, I just simply haven’t been inspired enough to write a blog. I’ve had lots of ideas for blogs – but no real inspiration to write them.

I found out today that Alexa and I will have a place to live next year – which is quite exciting. I really hope that my off-campus life is a lot better than my on-campus life. I came into residence ready to rock, to be the most involved person in the house, to someday be a proctor, to live on campus my whole entire MUN career. Now we all see how THAT turned out. It’s not really residence’s fault – but that’s for a another blog. Anyways, we’re really excited, however we have no definite roomates. We do, however, have definite various kitchen appliances, so I guess that’s always a plus! 😀

I FINALLY got my eyeshadow pallette from starsmakeuphaven! I’m so excited. I  think i’ll probably do a March Favorites blog at the end of March – which isn’t so far away! only a week and a half and it’s April! This semester has really flown by.

In other news, Brandon and I celebrated our one year anniversary last week! 🙂 we celebrated by going to Fog city for dinner followed by shopping time and a movie (we saw Remember Me – It was pretty good, twisted ending!)  the end of the night didn’t turn out so great. Let’s just say that this is one kaleidoscopicat that was not happy with her public transportation. Thankfully, I have an awesome roomate who did Brandon’s Psychology quiz with him over the phone so that he could get it in on time!  Overall, I had an excellent evening, I was just glad that we got to celebrate our one-year together. 🙂

Anyhow, hopefully more blogs later! I’m sorry that I’ve abandoned you. I’ll try harder, I promise!!

Why this weekend was awesome:

  • I spent the whole weekend NOT in a mall! It’s definately a first for me since I’ve been here.
  • There were perogies for breakfast.
  • There were apples for breakfast on saturday. That was the best part of my weekend, almost.
  • I spent the weekend with brandon just relaxing and watching Dexter.
  • I finished Glee season one! I cannot wait for April 13!




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